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[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]At WELLS Realty Group are seeking decisive, self-motivated, consultative sales leaders in our sales departments. Candidates should be aggressive, competitive & a high performer. Must be a persuasive, outgoing, people-person. Only super-achievers need apply. The sky is the limit with no ceiling on your income.

At WELLS Realty Group we are passionate about creating a CULTURE of productivity, about providing an environment where our family members have the opportunity to grow to achieve their true potential.

If you are closing 5-10 transactions per year and believe you should be closing 20? 25? Or even as much as 40 or more per year then we want to talk to you about joining our team.

The ideal Real Estate professional for our team is one who knows themselves well enough to recognize they do not like paperwork. That they are willing to DO the work, they just want direction…guidance and to know they are using PROVEN systems/models for success. They do not like the tedious details of the transaction. They do not enjoy data entry, maintaining a data base, nor building and implementing the marketing program. What they DO enjoy is talking and working with people. Being in a client or prospective client’s home. Making a true difference in a client’s life. They feed off the competition of securing the next listing, securing the terms in the contract that ensure the client’s interests, and seeing that client’s interests are protected. The right successful partner for our team is one who is ready to be more than a typical agent, and ready to step into a team and system where they can focus exclusively on the parts of being a Realtor they enjoy, and allow the success and proven track record of the team behind them to make them better.

Individuals who apply MUST:

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If You Seek Change…
REAL change, then cross the line from good to GREAT!