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4 Types of Property Damage and Ways To Prevent Them

BOOM SPLASH ZAP! These are sounds we hope to never hear in our homes. Damage costs place the biggest strain on a home owner’s budget outside of the mortgage. Here are some hazards that, with proper care and savings in place, can potentially be prevented.  When buying a home it can be easy to minimize […]

Real Estate in Tempe Investment Tips

With the best Real Estate in Tempe investment tips, you can successfully sell or buy any property. Tempe, Arizona is a great place you can find a variety of homes at affordable prices. You can find all kinds of homes in Tempe with some desirable features like swimming pools, BBQs and so on. It is […]

Selling Your Home is Like Baking Cupcakes

You may ask yourself, how is selling a home like baking a cupcake? Well, we really like cupcakes so we thought it would be a great analogy for those who share our passion. You see cupcakes are usually baked for grand, happy occasions. A cupcake is baked with passion, love and attention to detail. That […]