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The Wells Law Group is dedicated to serving the Arizona real estate community. Besides offering AZ Short Sale Negotiation services, our short sale attorneys are also licensed realtors in Arizona.

Short Sales Affect Many Homeowners…Including Us

We know what it is like. We have experienced the effect of a short sale in our own lives and understand the tough questions you face. We have been there, too.

We know that it is easy to become paralyzed by the many different voices speaking to distressed homeowners. Our goal is to simplify the process and empower every homeowner faced with the tough decisions.

Short Sale Negotiation in Arizona

The Wells Law Group focuses on short sale negotiation in Arizona. Because our short sale lawyers are licensed realtors, we understand both the market factors affecting the value of your home and the legal ramifications a homeowner must be aware of before deciding to short sale their home.

How We Negotiate a Short Sale

We negotiate your short sale like we would argue a case in court. First we gather the essential facts in an initial consultation that reviews your current financial situation and status of your mortgage. We will also guide you in the process of gathering the necessary personal records and completing the forms to submit to your lender(s) when requesting the short sale.

Next, we will carefully prepare a record that best supports your request for a short sale by assisting in the valuation of your home and suggesting the appropriate listing price for your property. Once a buyer is procured, we will submit the offer to the lender(s) with the evidence we have gathered and the specific listing history of the property to demonstrate the value of the home and the strength of the pending offer. We will then continue to press your lender(s) for a resolution of the file using a systematic approach of contact.

How We Keep You Informed 24/7 of Your Short Sale Negotiation

The Wells Law Group uses a personalized interactive system that keeps our clients informed every step of the way. You will be given a user name and password that you alone can use to access your file and check the status of the negotiations.

Short Sale Negotiation Services

Our short sale attorneys provide the following services:

What to Do Now…

If you’re in a foreclosure situation, time is not on your side. For more information on AZ short sale negotiation, contact us today at 1-480-428-3290 to discuss your foreclosure situation.