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Time To Stop Renting; Start Searching For Real Estate In Gilbert

Here’s an astonishing fact for you: according to Zillow, last year 43 million renters spent over $535 billion on rent. That’s a lot of money going to waste when it could have been building equity for those renters; if only they owned real estate in Gilbert. This astronomical amount only points to a trend that […]

Real Estate Agents In Phoenix Discuss Nationwide Moving Trends

Real Estate Agents in Phoenix recently discussed a study conducted by United Van Lines; the National Movers Study examines where customers are moving state-by-state throughout a calendar year. Not surprisingly, say real estate agents in Phoenix, Arizona is one of the states at the top of the list when it comes to in-bound movers, especially […]

Real Estate Agents In Phoenix Help You Boost Your Curb Appeal

Maybe you’re considering selling your piece of real estate in Phoenix this year. Maybe you just want your home to stand out from the rest. Whatever the reason for you wanting to boost you curb appeal, real estate agents in Phoenix are here to give you pointers on easy ways to make that happen. One […]

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying Real Estate In Phoenix

It seems as if more people are tired of renting and are considering purchasing real estate in Phoenix, but how can one tell if they’re really ready to take the leap into homeownership? If you’ve found yourself in a situation similar to this and want to purchase real estate in Phoenix, here are three questions […]