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Real Estate Agents In Phoenix Discuss Nationwide Moving Trends

Real Estate Agents in Phoenix recently discussed a study conducted by United Van Lines; the National Movers Study examines where customers are moving state-by-state throughout a calendar year. Not surprisingly, say real estate agents in Phoenix, Arizona is one of the states at the top of the list when it comes to in-bound movers, especially those that are close to, or at, retirement age. Other states, such as Oregon, South Carolina and Nevada also had high inbound traffic, while many states in the Northeast, such as New York, West Virginia, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, all had high outbound numbers.

You may be wondering what contributes to so many people wanting to move to Arizona and possibly purchase real estate in Phoenix. Real estate agents in Phoenix say that one of the main reasons so many people are flocking to Arizona is because of the warmer climate; this is only the tip of the iceberg, however. An average cost of living, economically sound real estate prices in Phoenix, among other cities in Arizona, along with a variety of activities and things to do are also at the top of the list as to why people are relocating to Arizona and making it their new home. In contrast, people are leaving the Northeast because of soaring home prices, a continually increasing cost of living and a not-so-warm climate in the winter months.

Real estate agents in Phoenix encourage you to consider sunny Arizona as your new home if you feel a move to warmer climates is in your future. You’ll see there’s lots to offer and they know you won’t be disappointed with your decision.