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How Does A Short Sale Or Loan Modification Affect My Credit In Arizona

Hi everyone Jason Wells here with Wells Realty and Law Group thank you for your time today. I am back again this week to answer a question from an actual homeowner who needs to sell their home quickly. If you have a question you would like answered in our blog or want to discuss your […]

What Will My Credit Look Like After A Foreclosure Or Short Sale?

Today our question of the week has to do with credit ramifications after a short sale, foreclosure, loan modification or any distressed financial situations. The first thing to do is take into consideration the long term and short term effects of each of these different types of situations. In a foreclosure, the long term effects […]

Why Exactly Would My Bank Allow Me To Complete A Short Sale?

Hello everyone my name is Jason Wells and I am the founder and operator of the Wells Realty and Law Group where we are doing things most realtors can’t. Thank you for checking out my blog today where I answer your questions about the ever changing Phoenix housing market. If you are in need of […]

Real Estate In Tempe Suitable For All Situations

If you are considering buying a home in the Tempe area now may be the time for you. With the mountain of paperwork often associated with real estate in Tempe you may want to consider a realtor that has a legal background. A real estate lawyer can help you find the house you have always […]