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AZ Real Estate Lawyers, Licensed Realtors and Your Short Sale

If you have faced foreclosure and successfully avoided it by choosing to complete a short sale, you may have already consulted with an AZ real estate lawyer on your foreclosure situation. Now that you’re moving past it, were you aware that an AZ real estate lawyer can also be highly beneficial to your short sale […]

Do I Need An AZ Real Estate Attorney For My Short Sale?

If you are about to list your home as a short sale, you may have asked yourself this question regarding an AZ real estate attorney over and over again without really making a firm decision. If you know anything about a short sale transaction, you are aware that they can be more intricate and complicated […]

Previous Short Sale Or DIL? Purchase Now To Avoid Having To Wait Longer

If you’ve previously completed a short sale or deed in lieu and you’re finally able to purchase a home again, there’s an important change you need to be aware of that may impact how seriously you’re taking your current home search. On August 16th, there will be updates made to the automated loan approval system […]