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AZ Real Estate Lawyers, Licensed Realtors and Your Short Sale

If you have faced foreclosure and successfully avoided it by choosing to complete a short sale, you may have already consulted with an AZ real estate lawyer on your foreclosure situation. Now that you’re moving past it, were you aware that an AZ real estate lawyer can also be highly beneficial to your short sale transaction? What’s even better is that some AZ real estate lawyers, like the team at Wells Realty and Law Group, are also licensed realtors. What does this mean for you? It means that you can get the expert real estate services of a licensed agent while also receiving sound legal advice and protection from an AZ real estate lawyer.

You may be wondering why it’s important to have a realtor that’s also an AZ real estate lawyer and we’ll tell you why. In a short sale, there are certain rights that the seller has, certain timelines that all parties involved must follow as well as several different documents that should be reviewed by a legal expert to provide the seller with the utmost legal protection. Yes, a realtor can go over these documents with you, but if they aren’t also an AZ real estate lawyer, they are prohibited from giving you legal advice. For example, once your short sale is approved by the lender you’ll receive an approval letter. An AZ real estate lawyer can look over this letter to ensure that you are protected from deficiency and other future liabilities related to your short sale. Wouldn’t it be terrible to complete your short sale only to find out you are still legally responsible for something?

When you work with a realtor that is also a licensed AZ real estate lawyer, you get the best of both worlds; an agent that knows the market inside and out and legal representation to ensure that you are benefitting from all your rights as a homeowner as well as giving you legal protection now and in the future.