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Find a Vacation Home in Phoenix

Vacation home and second home deals in Phoenix, Arizona allow you to build equity and wealth, while escaping the cold to relax and getaway to the Valley of the Sun. If you’re like the rest of the country, this past winter was more than long enough to bring spirits down. Maybe it’s time you looked for […]

Finding A Real Estate Agent In Tempe

Have you decided to take the all-important step of buying your first home? Have you determined your budget, your wish list and desired neighborhood but still have to tackle the task of finding a real estate agent in Tempe? Are you unsure of how to even find a real estate agent in Tempe that is […]

AZ Real Estate Lawyers, Licensed Realtors and Your Short Sale

If you have faced foreclosure and successfully avoided it by choosing to complete a short sale, you may have already consulted with an AZ real estate lawyer on your foreclosure situation. But were you aware that an AZ real estate lawyer can also be highly beneficial to your short sale transaction? One unique perk of using […]

Consult With An AZ Real Estate Lawyer When Facing Foreclosure

If you have fallen behind on your mortgage payments and are facing foreclosure, you may feel as if there’s nothing left for you to do. This simply isn’t true; what you should do is immediately contact an AZ real estate lawyer about your predicament. Whether you want to let the home go into foreclosure or […]