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AZ Real Estate Lawyers Test Legal Knowledge To Complete FSBO

Some homeowners that are ready to put their home on the market like the idea of saving money by selling their home themselves. While AZ real estate lawyers don’t think this is the best way to save money and sell a home, they do want homeowners to be aware of the many facets of selling […]

AZ Real Estate Lawyers Answer Questions On Short Sale Negotiator Regulations

There are many questions surrounding short sales and even some real estate agents are unable to thoroughly and accurately answer these questions. AZ real estate lawyers are generally the best people to get in touch with when you need a short sale question answered simply because there are several different issues and extenuating circumstances when […]

Real Estate Agent Or AZ Real Estate Lawyer; Which One Should You Choose?

Individuals new to the home buying process can easily by tripped up by the difference between an AZ real estate lawyer and a real estate agent. Many often wonder if they can get away with hiring one or the other or if they need both and how they will contribute to the transaction. The answer […]

What Does An AZ Real Estate Lawyer Do?

Many people that are about to enter the real estate market, whether as a buyer or seller, probably hear the term AZ real estate lawyer in passing, but aren’t sure what exactly that is or what an AZ real estate lawyer does. In fact, many people that are familiar with the local real estate market […]