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Real Estate Agent Or AZ Real Estate Lawyer; Which One Should You Choose?

Individuals new to the home buying process can easily by tripped up by the difference between an AZ real estate lawyer and a real estate agent. Many often wonder if they can get away with hiring one or the other or if they need both and how they will contribute to the transaction. The answer to this question depends on what type of services the buyer is looking for and once that’s determined the buyer can then find out what services an AZ real estate lawyer and a real estate agent provide.

A real estate agent is there to level the playing field for homebuyers. They are experts in the local market with regards to neighborhoods, home values, inspections, title agencies, sellers, etc.; the list goes on. They are there to help the buyer find a home that fits both their budget and their needs. Real estate agents are paid a certain percentage amount based on the purchase price of the home.

An AZ real estate lawyer is there to protect the legal interests of the home buyer. They are experts in the law, ensuring that all documents required for the transaction are accounted for and are filled out accurately. An AZ real estate lawyer will also represent the homebuyer should issues arise during the real estate transaction. An AZ real estate lawyer is paid on an hourly basis.

Many homebuyers struggle with the decision of which to hire, an AZ real estate lawyer or a real estate agent. While this can be a difficult decision to make, it is always possible to have the best of both worlds and hire a realtor that is also a licensed AZ real estate lawyer. When doing this a homebuyer ensures that they are getting the real estate services they need with the added bonus of legal protection.