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Why Your Real Estate Agent In Tempe Should Have Legal Experience

Do you need to complete a short sale but want a real estate agent in Tempe that knows not only the short sale process but also the legal ramifications? If so, then we’d like to tell you about Wells Realty and Law Groups. At Wells Realty and Law Groups, not only are they trained and experienced real estate agents in Tempe, they also are real estate attorneys. When you use a real estate agent in Tempe that is also a real estate attorney, they can ensure that you understand all the different aspects of the short sale process and what your responsibilities are as a homeowner completing a short sale.

When you work with the team at Wells Realty, they negotiate the short sale with your lender as they would any court case. They provide your lender with supporting documentation to show that you do need to complete a short sale on your home and will negotiate with them until the best terms of the sale are met. Short sale transactions are so much more different than traditional real estate transactions in Tempe and Wells Realty and Law Groups wants to ensure that you have the best representation possible when it comes to completing your transaction.

If you’d like to learn more about their team, have additional short sale questions or why you should work with a real estate attorney in Tempe that is also a licensed realtor, please feel free to check out their website at WellsRealtyLaw.com or give them a call today. There a number of different tools and resources on their website for you to take advantage of so please don’t hesitate to do so. When you work with one of the best real estate teams in Tempe, you can expect to get the best results so reach out for help from a team that is more than equipped to do so.