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Phoenix Real Estate Market Outlook for April-May 2015

Remember those stories your friends told you about 2 or 3 years ago about placing offer after offer on house after house only to lose out on the houses again and again.  Well those stories are starting to resurface. Housing prices are heading north as the number of available houses declines in this Phoenix real estate […]

Debt Relief Act is back on the table!

There is hope after all! The Senate Finance Committee recently passed a retroactive extension of the tax relief for homeowners who had a mortgage forgiven by their lender as part of a short sale, foreclosure or loan modification. The relief expired December 31, 2013, and unless the House and full Senate approve the extension, homeowners […]

Selling Your Home is Like Baking Cupcakes

You may ask yourself, how is selling a home like baking a cupcake? Well, we really like cupcakes so we thought it would be a great analogy for those who share our passion. You see cupcakes are usually baked for grand, happy occasions. A cupcake is baked with passion, love and attention to detail. That […]

Cooling Temps Equal Cooling Market in AZ?

Now that the temperatures have started to dip we are seeing a cooling off of the Arizona real estate market.  This is evident by a cooling off of appreciation and an increase in the average days on the market for listed homes. Why is this happening?  Some potential culprits are: Higher interest rates Government shut […]