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Time To Stop Renting; Start Searching For Real Estate In Gilbert

Here’s an astonishing fact for you: according to Zillow, last year 43 million renters spent over $535 billion on rent. That’s a lot of money going to waste when it could have been building equity for those renters; if only they owned real estate in Gilbert. This astronomical amount only points to a trend that […]

Using A Real Estate Agent In Gilbert Is Your Best Bet

Many people that want or need to sell their home on the real estate market in Gilbert assume that they can get more for their money if they attempt to sell it on their own. In a way, this may make sense. They save money when they don’t have to pay commission to a real […]

Real Estate Agents In Gilbert Discuss Mortgage Qualifications

A recent study released by Fannie Mae on what it takes to qualify for a mortgage shows some shocking information according to real estate agents in Gilbert. There are three aspects of qualifying for a mortgage that Fannie Mae addressed and in each of them at least 60% of all Americans had incorrect information or […]