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Think You Can’t Afford Real Estate In Phoenix? Think Again.

One of the biggest reasons that people choose to stay renters instead of purchasing real estate in Phoenix is because they think they can’t afford homeownership. This is perhaps one of the biggest myths that circulates throughout the real estate market in Phoenix and, actually, throughout the entire nation, that owning a home is expensive. […]

4 Types of Property Damage and Ways To Prevent Them

BOOM SPLASH ZAP! These are sounds we hope to never hear in our homes. Damage costs place the biggest strain on a home owner’s budget outside of the mortgage. Here are some hazards that, with proper care and savings in place, can potentially be prevented.  When buying a home it can be easy to minimize […]

Arizona New Home Plus Program is Statewide DPA Grant!

The world of renting is for the most part, a money sucking pit with no return on your investment, you’re in a space the size of your parents garage and you make due because there is no way you could afford a home right? Arizona Home Plus DPA Grant Program makes escaping renting easier than ever. If […]

Considered Buying Real Estate In Gilbert? Why Now Is The Time

If you have been looking for your first home, or even to upgrade your existing home, now is a great time to purchase real estate in Gilbert for a number of different reasons. While you may not be 100% ready to take that step, if you look at current trends in real estate in Gilbert […]