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Real Estate In Tempe Continues To Stabilize Thanks To Short Sale

Do you feel stuck in your current home due to an underwater mortgage? Or you struggling to make your mortgage payments every month on a home with no equity? A short sale may be the best option for you to avoid foreclosure and stop throwing money away every month. And with the real estate in Tempe that is currently available your next home may not be far away.

When completing a short sale you will be asking your lender to allow you to sell your property for less than what you currently owe on your mortgage. While this may seem odd a short sale is actually very beneficial to both you and your lender. However the short sale process can vary from a traditional real estate transaction and for this reason a real estate lawyer may be right for you. The two most important aspects of a short sale are negotiating with your lender and receiving an approval letter before closing. When negotiating with your lender your real estate lawyer will work on your bealf to make sure all deficiencies are waived and any unpaid is forgiven. Your real estate lawyer can also work to have any liens taken care of during a short sale in order to complete the sale. Many homeowners have already taken advantage of a short sale in order to capitalize on the real estate in Tempe and you may be next. For homeowners who are still current on your mortgage it is possible to complete a short sale without ever missing a mortgage payment. This means little to no damage to your credit score while releasing you from your underwater mortgage. A short sale can benefit the real estate in Tempe as banks continue to get rid of their non-performing or toxic loans.

So if you feel trapped by your current mortgage situation and are considering real estate in Tempe give a real estate lawyer a call today. They will have the experience and knowledge to answer your questions and help you make the best decision for yourself.