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Ready To Place Your Home On The Real Estate Market In Gilbert?

Are you getting ready to sell your home on the real estate market in Gilbert? If so, you should know that this is a great time to do so. Home prices have increased almost 8% in the past year and real estate agents in Gilbert expect them to rise another 4% by this time next year. The average real estate price in Gilbert is higher than most other cities in the Phoenix metro area, which is good news for you, the seller.

Not only are home prices on real estate in Gilbert on the rise, the number of buyers that are searching for homes is also higher than average. There are the typical buyers that already live in Arizona but the increase in number of buyers is thanks to a cold, harsh winter in much of the rest of the United States. Many people from colder climates are coming to Arizona to either relocate or to find themselves a vacation home for either the summer or the winter. These buyers are also being driven by the fact that home prices and interest rates are set to steadily increase throughout the foreseeable future.

If you have equity in your home and are ready to sell it on the real estate market in Gilbert, now is a great time to do so. If you are still contemplating what you want to do and if you want to list your real estate in Gilbert, consider that the further it gets into the summer, the more homes will be on the market giving you some competition. Take advantage of rising home prices, the small inventory of real estate in Gilbert that is currently for sale as well as the abundance of buyers and list your home on the real estate market in Gilbert today.