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Learn About Legal Ramifications Of Foreclosure From Your Real Estate Attorney In Phoenix

Are you about to lose your home to foreclosure and are wondering what some of the legal ramifications of this could be? The real estate agents in Phoenix as Wells Realty and Law Groups want you to know that if you lose your home to foreclosure it’s not just as simple as walking away.

When your lender forecloses on your home, it may not seem like such a bad thing to some homeowners; finally the mortgage they couldn’t pay is no longer a burden to them. This couldn’t be further from the truth however as many homeowners don’t realize that even they the home is no longer theirs, they are still liable for that mortgage. In fact, your lender still has the right to sue you for the unpaid amount. Situations such as this are why it is imperative that you consult with a real estate attorney in Phoenix before just letting your lender foreclose on your home. It never is as simple and easy as it seems.

There are a number of foreclosure alternatives out there that real estate agents in Phoenix can tell you about and after reviewing your situation with you can guide you in the right direction. Just like with a foreclosure, there could potentially be legal ramifications with foreclosure alternatives, however when you seek the help of an experienced real estate attorney in Phoenix, they can tell you what these are and how to avoid them.

Now, here’s something else we’d like you to know. The team at Wells Realty and Law Groups are one of the few real estate teams in Phoenix that are experienced in foreclosures and foreclosure alternatives. In fact, not only are they real estate agents in Phoenix, they are also real estate attorneys. You get all of the advice and guidance you need from one reliable source. Contact the team at Wells Realty and Law Groups today to learn more about your foreclosure alternatives and to help lessen the damage to your financial future.