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Improve Your Curb Appeal When Selling Real Estate In Gilbert

There’s a lot of competition out there right now when it comes to selling real estate in Gilbert and that’s why having great curb appeal is key to getting a lot of traffic through your home and selling it for top dollar. Besides adding some nice landscaping and cleaning up the yard, you may be wondering what else you can do to boost the curb appeal before listing on the real estate market in Gilbert. Here are a few not-so-obvious tips from some of experienced real estate professionals in Gilbert.

First, ensure your front door is in tip-top shape. Whether this means applying a new coat of paint, replacing the hardware or fixing a screen, making sure the front door is as warm and inviting as possible will go a long way; prospective buyers will want to walk through the threshold instead of turn away.

If you have a walkway, patio or other type of surface in front of your real estate listing in Gilbert, be sure to power wash it and fix any cracked or broken bricks, rocks or concrete. Likewise, if you have a wooden porch that is faded or has rotted pieces, consider restaining and replacing the bad pieces. Doing so will show buyers that you deem the exterior spaces of your home just as important as the interior and will also make your real estate listing in Gilbert come across as polished as well as more inviting.

Lastly, replacing any existing exterior lighting, as well as adding additional lighting along a walkway, sitting area or garden will improve the ambiance of the home, make it aesthetically pleasing and bring it up-to-date with newer homes that you may be competing with on the real estate market in Gilbert.

By taking the time to make these small, cost efficient improvements to the exterior of your home, real estate agents in Gilbert say the curb appeal will dramatically improve, increasing the traffic of potential buyers.