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For Sale By Owner or Use an Agent?

ForSaleByOwner vs Wells RealtyMany homeowners feel that by being a For Sale By Owner, they will earn more profit from their homes than they would if they used an agent. However, agents can actually earn you more money and sell your home much quicker.

Everyone likes to save money, right? You’d be crazy not to! This is why many homeowners actually decide to complete a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) on their real estate property rather than work with an agent. It does make sense, after all. If you don’t use an agent, you don’t have to pay their commissions, therefore saving yourself the money. But, are you really saving yourself that much dough?

How An Agent Can Be More Beneficial Than For Sale By Owner

Many homeowners that have attempted For Sale By Owner will tell you that the more economical way to go is actually by listing your home through an agent rather than by yourself. The reasons for this are simple. Many homeowners that have attempted a For Sale By Owner initially overprice their homes causing prospective buyers to lose interest in them. In turn, these owners are required to continue lowering the price while their home sits on the real estate market; this costs them both time and money. When you list with an agent they are able to help you determine an accurate price point for your home as well more marketing opportunities to help sell it as quickly as possible. By using these and other real estate avenues that homeowners don’t have access to, this also allows them to sell your home sooner which mean the more money you end up saving yourself.

Wells Realty and Law Offers More Than Your Average Agent

Our office has many ways to help sellers get more out of their selling experience. From our assisted flexible commissions, easy exit clause and sell yourself policy, we make the process smooth for our clients. Along with our Highest & Fastest Sales System, we can guarantee a fast and most rewarding process that will bring the best results possible.

Still Want to Be A For Sale By Owner (FSBO)? Let One Of Our Attorneys Help You Along The Way

If you are still confident of doing it yourself, consider a perturbed attorney to review and advise along the way. Attorney fees can even be deferred to closing so you don’t pay out of your pocket for their services. Our goal is to help make the already daunting process of selling your home as stress free as possible regardless of whether you use one of our agents or decide to sell on your own, we are here to help you in every way we can.

Give Us A Call

Selling as a For Sale By Owner can be an uphill struggle in many ways, but it doesn’t have to be. Let our agents and attorneys help make the process a positive one and allow you to sell your home fast for the best deal in the most hassle free way.

For more information or assistance, feel free to consult the Wells Realty and Law Groups. Our real estate attorneys are happy to assist you with any Arizona real estate questions. We can be reached at 480-428-3290 or info@WellsRealtyLaw.com.