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Depression Feeling Dealing with Real Estate Foreclosure + MORE

More foreclosure news from around the nation. In the first article, you’ll find seven smart ways to bolster your mental, emotional and physical health when dealing with a home foreclosure situation. In the second article, we find mortgage regulators and elected officials battling it out to each get their way. Continue reading:

Foreclosure Feeling Dealing with Real Estate Depression

Are you feeling depressed because of the market? You are not the only one Dealing with the amount of foreclosures and the fall of the real estate market has caused a rise in depression (as much as 37 percent of people facing the foreclosure axe) and yes, even suicides among the affected

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Anger Grows Over FHFA Chief – Mortgage regulator stands firm against pressure for write-downs

DeMarco, interim director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency, won’t instruct the government-owned companies to lower loan principals for distressed homeowners, as many banks nationwide have been doing.
Kamala D. Harris, attorney general for California, the nation’s largest distressed real estate market, and many congressional Democrats want DeMarco replaced…

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