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What We Do

Together, We Work as a Team to Prevail

The most successful outcomes occur when the client and the attorney can work together as a team and create the best possible scenario for the client. That type of relationship only comes with personal attention, flexibility, honesty, trust, and compassion. A lawyer-client relationship built upon those principles creates fertile ground for creativity, understanding, and cooperation. At Wells Law Group, we have a team of lawyers that are determined to personalize their practice of law to meet your needs and help you face the challenges of life. There is no shame in needing assistance or asking for help.
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Short Sale Negotiation

The Wells Law Group is dedicated to serving the Arizona real estate community. Besides offering AZ Short Sale Negotiation services, our short sale attorneys are also licensed realtors in Arizona.

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Foreclosure Consultation

Our goal at the Wells Realty and Law Groups is to empower homeowners against the banks.

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Landlord Tenant Representation

The Arizona Residential Landlord and Tenant Act provides specific rights and duties to landlords and tenants in the State of Arizona.

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Real Estate Transactions

Whether you are an owner, a real estate investor, a general contractor, a subcontractor, or anything in between, your business can be aided and protected by a competent real estate attorney that understands the challenges you face with AZ real estate transactions.