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What Does An AZ Real Estate Lawyer Do?

Many people that are about to enter the real estate market, whether as a buyer or seller, probably hear the term AZ real estate lawyer in passing, but aren’t sure what exactly that is or what an AZ real estate lawyer does. In fact, many people that are familiar with the local real estate market may not even know or understand what an AZ real estate lawyer does; lets clarify, then, shall we?

One of the primary reasons an AZ real estate lawyer is brought into the mix of the real estate transaction is to review documents, which are plentiful in any type of real estate transaction. AZ real estate lawyers will review purchase agreements, leases, inspections and appraisals to ensure that they are filled out accurately and are complete. They can also help solve problems that arise with regards to title insurance, environmental issues and, should an issue require a court hearing, the AZ real estate lawyer will file and defend lawsuits. AZ real estate lawyers are especially helpful when it comes to more complicated real estate transactions such as short sales and foreclosures, where more than just a buyer and seller are involved in the transaction.

Often times an AZ real estate lawyer is not only a licensed real estate agent but also a lawyer that practices and has experience in real estate law. In a situation such as this, an AZ real estate lawyer will not only help conduct a real estate transaction, whether it is buying or selling property, but they will also provide legal services to their client. Many people that are looking for a real estate agent hire on that is also a licensed AZ real estate lawyer because they are essentially getting a package deal; real estate services and legal services all in one.