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Wells Realty And Law Groups: Your AZ Real Estate Lawyers

Do you need to complete a short sale on your home and are looking for a short sale agent that is also an AZ real estate attorney? Look no further than Wells Realty and Law Groups. At Wells Realty and Law Groups, they have a team of individuals that are not only trained to handle distressed properties but are also AZ real estate lawyers; they understand the legal ramifications that a short sale or a foreclosure can have on an individual and want to ensure that you get the service and advice that you need to come out on top.

Many homeowners that are deciding whether or not they want to hire an AZ real estate lawyer often wonder what the difference is in how the short sale is negotiated. At Wells Realty and Law Groups it’s quite simple; since they are trained and experienced AZ real estate lawyers, they negotiate with your lender just as they would any other court case they were handling. They will meet with you to discuss your financial situation, determine your hardship and help you assemble your short sale package. Once an offer is received on your home, Wells Realty and Law Groups will “present your case” to your lender to show that the offer is sufficient; they will then negotiate the terms of the sale. One of the unique things about working with AZ real estate lawyers like Wells Realty and Law Groups is that they use an interactive system with their homeowners to keep them informed of the status of their short sale transaction.

If you’re in a dire financial situation, don’t trust it to just any realtor. Ensure that you work with a short sale agent that is also an AZ real estate lawyer. Get the services that you desperately need all under one roof with Wells Realty and Law Groups.