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Use Our Free Home Calculator To Learn If You Have Equity To Sell

Hello again and welcome; thanks for joining us at Wells Realty and Law Groups. If you’re looking for real estate or short sale help, or legal advice, we’re here to provide you with answers, resources and tools to answer all of your questions.

Today I want to talk to you about your home’s value. We’ve gone through a crazy time the past couple of years with regards to the real estate market. First, your property value went sky high and then it dropped through the floor. Currently, most property values are on their way back up and people in the media are talking about home values increasing 20-30%; maybe you’d like to know if your home is one of those lucky ones whose value has increased so dramatically. If so, I would like to encourage you to use our home calculator to determine what your home’s value is today. If you go to http://YourAZHomeValue.com, it is free for you to use; just put in your information such as property address, mortgage interest rate, remaining principal balance and monthly payment amount and you’ll receive an emailed report detailing what your home is worth. Immediately you’ll know if you have equity in your home and can sell to purchase a different home, if you need to stay in your home longer until it’s no longer upside down or perhaps you may need to complete a short sale if you need to move. Check out our free home calculator so that you have the answers about your property value that you need today.

Again, if you have any additional question about using our free home calculator or are seeking real estate, short sale or legal advice, please feel free to reach out to us via phone, email or our website at Wells Realty and Law Groups.