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Reasons To Work With A Real Estate Agent In Phoenix In Lieu Of a FSBO

Everyone likes to save money, right? You’d be crazy not to! This is why many homeowners actually decide to complete a For Sale By Owner on their real estate property in Phoenix rather than work with an agent. It does make sense, after all. If you don’t use an agent, you don’t have to pay their commissions, therefore saving yourself the money. But, are you really saving yourself money?

Many real estate agents in Phoenix and homeowners that have attempted FSBOs will tell you that the more economical way to go is by actually listing your home on the real estate market in Phoenix with an agent rather than by yourself. By doing this, you are actually able to sell your home faster and at a more accurate price point than if you were to attempt a FSBO. Many homeowners that have attempted a FSBO initially overprice their homes causing them to not have any interest from prospective buyers. In turn, they are required to continue lowering the price while their home sits on the real estate market in Phoenix; this costs them both time and money. When you list with a realtor they are able to help you determine an accurate price point for your home as well as market your property to sell it as quickly as possible. By using marketing avenues that homeowners don’t have access to, this also allows them to sell your real estate listing in Phoenix sooner, the more money you end up saving yourself.

If this sounds like it may not make sense to you, the best thing you can do for yourself is speak with real estate agents in Phoenix as well as other homeowners that have attempted to complete a FSBO. They’ll tell you that the best thing you can do for yourself, your home and your wallet is to hire a real estate agent in Phoenix to get the job done.