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Can I Get Sued After A Short Sale In Arizona?

Hello everyone Jason Wells here with Wells Realty and Law Group thank you for joining me today. In my blog I like to answer real questions that I receive from homeowners who need help with their current real estate situation. Today I wanted to answer that get quite often and it deals with the legal […]

Ask Your Real Estate Agent In Phoenix About The MFDRA

Has your real estate agent in Phoenix told you about the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act yet? If not, we’d like to tell you a little bit about it today because of the benefits it has to offer homeowners that are selling their home via short sale on the real estate market in Phoenix. If […]

Real Estate In Tempe Suitable For All Situations

If you are considering buying a home in the Tempe area now may be the time for you. With the mountain of paperwork often associated with real estate in Tempe you may want to consider a realtor that has a legal background. A real estate lawyer can help you find the house you have always […]