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Loan Modification Treated The Same As Short Sale On Credit Report

I was speaking with a loan officer today and learned something very interesting about how loan modifications are treated on  a credit report. Individuals with loan modifications are treated the same as those with short sales in their past for purposes of obtaining a loan to purchase a home in the future. Loan Modification = […]

Loan Modification Failure

I have finally had it with loan modifications. People need to know the truth. If a loan modification request fails, you will likely end up being foreclosed on. If the bank has gone all the way down to the last month before foreclosure, there is no reward at the end to incentivise the bank to […]

Short Sale Approved in One Week!!

There is hope for Arizona homeowners considering a short sale, some of the banks are starting to get their acts together. On Monday of last week, we submitted a Wells Law Group short sale packet to a lender requesting a short sale on behalf of one of our clients.  On Friday, we received an approval […]