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Do I Need An AZ Real Estate Attorney For My Short Sale?

If you are about to list your home as a short sale, you may have asked yourself this question regarding an AZ real estate attorney over and over again without really making a firm decision. If you know anything about a short sale transaction, you are aware that they can be more intricate and complicated than a traditional home sale, but is it still worth hiring an AZ real estate attorney?

There are several different reasons why homeowners choose to enlist the help of an AZ real estate attorney with one of the biggest reasons being peace of mind. While the realtor you’re working with is (hopefully) a short sale specialist, this doesn’t mean they can provide you with legal advice or protection. This is something that only a licensed AZ real estate attorney can do. Because of the amounts of paperwork, forgiveness of debt and all of the other nuances that are involved in a short sale, many homeowners choose to hire an AZ real estate attorney simply to give themselves peace of mind. They want the reassurance that once the short sale is complete there were no legal loopholes missed that could potentially come back to haunt them.

While your realtor can provide you with the services needed to properly negotiate the short sale, they can’t provide you with the legal protection and advice that an AZ real estate attorney can. Even the most experienced short sale realtors can sometimes miss a thing or two amidst all of the transaction paperwork. If you’re about to complete a short sale on your home, it’s highly advisable that you seek the help of an AZ real estate attorney not only to give yourself peace of mind, but also to ensure that you start out the new chapter in your life as smoothly as possible.