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Real Estate Agents In Gilbert Discuss Mortgage Qualifications

A recent study released by Fannie Mae on what it takes to qualify for a mortgage shows some shocking information according to real estate agents in Gilbert. There are three aspects of qualifying for a mortgage that Fannie Mae addressed and in each of them at least 60% of all Americans had incorrect information or […]

Good Credit Score Needed To Buy Real Estate In Tempe?

Many first time home buyers, or individuals that have been out of the real estate market in Tempe for some time, are under the impression that an impeccable FICO score is needed in order to qualify for a mortgage when purchasing a home. One recent study revealed that this is actually a big reason why […]

4 Types of Property Damage and Ways To Prevent Them

BOOM SPLASH ZAP! These are sounds we hope to never hear in our homes. Damage costs place the biggest strain on a home owner’s budget outside of the mortgage. Here are some hazards that, with proper care and savings in place, can potentially be prevented.  When buying a home it can be easy to minimize […]