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5 Things to Consider Whether You’re Buying or Selling A Home Without An Agent

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I am a real estate attorney. I am also a real estate agent.  After graduating law school in 2008, I jumped into the housing market with both feet. You see, during my last two years of law school the housing market crashed. I will admit, I watched the crash with a bit of glee, because […]

Life After Foreclosure – Excess Proceeds

Life after foreclosure does exist, and there may even be an opportunity to get some money back into your pocket. While not available in all cases, a homeowner that has equity in their house at the time of foreclosure, meaning they owe less than the house is worth, is entitled to the Excess Proceeds of […]

Cash For Short Selling A House Under New Bank Of America Incentive Program

Bank of America recently announced on its website that it will be considering homeowners that are attempting short sales for seller incentives of up to $30,000.  The incentive program is now being released nationwide after a successful result in a trial program attempted in Florida. ALTERNATIVE SELLER INCENTIVE PROGRAMS Up to this point incentives have […]

Q&A: How Does A Short Sale Affect Me If I Claimed The Home Buyer Tax Credit?

Tax Credit

We have had several clients ask about how a short sale or foreclosure affects their responsibilities to pay back the Home Buyer Tax Credit recently. Under the general rules an individual that claimed the 2008 Home Buyer Credit is required to pay back the entire amount of the credit, up to $7,500 if the home […]